Watercolour Fairy Wren painted with Watercolour Brush Pens

Watercolour Fairy Wren using Creative Husky Watercolour Brush Pens


Watch a time-lapse video of talented artist and Creative Husky Brand Ambassador, Daina McCauley, as she paints a delicate Fairy Wren using the Creative Husky Watercolour Brush Pens.

Daina used the Watercolour Brush Pens blended with water as well as 'dry' for this project. 

Daina's fabulous classes on art history, art techniques and journalling can be found at Daina's Outschool Classes.

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Check out the awesome video below:  

Daina McCauley - Artist Bio

Daina is a practising artist, who alongside selling her own work, runs art workshops in Samford Valley, QLD, providing a nurturing environment for adults and children so that they may feel comfortable to fully express their creativity. She also works on interactive art displays at various local events to encourage community spirit, confidence, creativity and collaboration. 

Daina’s in person art workshops can be found via her website

Daina's online classes for kids can be found via

Daina has been a maker, creator and artist ever since she was young.

Daina attended art college at Mary Award Centre in London, then continued her studies in Art and Design at University level. Daina is partway through a Masters of Fine Art at COFA, UNSW.

Daina is a big fan of David Hockney, Frida Kahlo, Rosetta Santucci, Flora Bowley, Jessie Breakwell, all artists who paint in vibrant colour and with a focus on organic form.

Daina has had exhibitions in London at the Mary Ward centre in 2004, Sydney (Compassion Australia) 2010 and at Redux Art Studios, Alameda, California in 2015.

She is hugely passionate about the importance of arts in education, as a way of further nurturing imagination in children and as a support to improve performance across all subject areas and indeed in life.

Since 2016 Daina has been teaching at local schools and art studios, now running her own studio taking small workshops as well as running larger private and corporate events. In her workshops Daina largely focuses on sharing her Intuitive approach to producing art. It is a style which teaches children and adults confidence on and off the canvas, showing them that what we do on the canvas can be a powerful metaphor for how we can approach life: being brave, not being overly attached to the outcomes or mistakes that may happen. Painting and creating is a place where we can find ourselves in a state of flow and this is what really intrigues Daina these days.