Watercolour Brush Pens Tutorial - Watercolour flowers made with a straw!

Watercolour Brush Pens - Easy flowers with a straw

You will need:

Step 1 – Get Prepared

First, you choose your watercolour brush pen colours. You can have as many colours as you like, however, I find 3 is a nice balance of colour variation. Get them out of the case, ready to use. 

Next, fill your water blending brush with water.

Have your straw, ziplock bag and paper towel handy, ready to create your flower masterpiece with!

Step 2 – Create the Stems

Add a patch of colour to the base of your paper. Using your water blending brush, squeeze water onto the colour and rub the colour with the brush. It should be quite wet.

Using your straw, carefully blow the wet watercolour paint towards the top of the page.

Watercolour Brush Pens - Easy flowers with a straw

Repeat this process with your other colours. Don’t overlap the colour patches at the base of your page, but its ok for the ‘stems’ to overlap each other as you blow!

Watercolour Brush Pens - Easy flowers with a straw

Leave to dry.

Step 3 – Add flower tops

Create some different coloured flower tops using the same brush pens you used for the stems.

They can be all different shapes and sizes – there is no right or wrong - tulip shaped ones, simple flower shapes with different types of petals etc.

There are two techniques you can use:

  1. Use the watercolour brush pen directly on the paper – after painting the flowers, soften the effect using the water blending brush with a bit of water squeezed into it
  2. Use the watercolour brush pens to rub some colour onto your ziplock bag or plate. Squeeze a little water into the blending brush, then rub the blending brush through the colour. It will now have colour on the tip. Use the blending brush to paint your flower.

Watercolour Brush Pens - Easy flowers with a straw

Watercolour Brush Pens - Easy flowers with a straw

Watercolour Brush Pens - Easy flowers with a straw

TIP - clean your blending pen on the paper towel in between using different colours.

Don’t worry if they don’t look much like flowers - you don’t need to be an expert to get a nice effect – coloured ‘blobs’ will do!

Let your flowers dry.

Step 4 – Add some details

Use your black Dual Tip Brush Pen or fineliner pen to add details and definition to your project.

Draw flower and petal shapes over the top of your painted flowers.

Add some fine lines for stems. Add some leaves to your stems. Add some lines and shading to the ground.

Use your black pen to create shadows on the petals and leaves.

Watercolour Brush Pens - Easy flowers with a straw

Wispy, rough lines are fine – no perfection or art degree required – the combination of the watercolours with the fine black lines creates a lovely effect no matter what!

Next, use your brush pens 'dry' to add a touch of colour to the leaves.

And that’s it! A fun project to create a lovely watercolour flower picture.

Make a few different paintings and experiment with different brush pen colours and different shaped flowers.

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Prefer to watch a video? Check out the YouTube Video of this Watercolour Brush Pens Tutorial: