Paint Pens Project - Patterned Giraffe Face

paint pens project - giraffe face

This bright and colourful giraffe face project was put together by one of our wonderful Brand Ambassadors, Sim D'Arcy. Sim grew up in South Africa so she has a strong affection for all things African, especially its animals!!

This is a great project for anyone of any skill level to try! 

You will need:

  • The Giraffe Outline (downloadable below)
  • Medium or Extra Fine Tip Paint pens
  • Scissors
  • Coloured A4 paper or cardboard
  • Glue

Step 1

Download and print out the giraffe head here:

Downloadable Giraffe Outline:

Step 2

Start by dividing your giraffe face into sections in whichever way you like - lots of small sections or a few larger ones. You can use pencil first or go straight into using your paint pens.

You can copy the sections below, or you can let your imagination guide you!

Paint Pens Fine Tip

Step 3 

Use your paint pens to start creating patterns within each of the sections. The key is to keep the designs simple and build up the pattern layers slowly.

Be creative with the patterns you make! Uses circles, dots, squares, squiggles, triangles etc - you can copy the patterns below if you need some ideas! 

Create some depth by using paint pens to 'fill in' the space around the shapes and patterns. The silver and gold paint pens will create a lovely metallic effect.

decorating with fine tip paint pens

Step 4

When you have finished decorating the giraffe face with paint pens, and you are happy with the overall effect, carefully cut around the shape of the head with scissors.

Next, stick the head onto the coloured A4 paper with glue.

Voila - a bright and colourful giraffe face to add some colour to your world!

decorating with fine tip paint pens