Create Your Own Treasure Box

Create a Treasure Box with Creative Husky Paint Pens


Creative Husky Brand Ambassador and Artist, Daina McCauley, shows us how to create this gorgeous trinket box.

Create your own with just a few simple supplies and by following these steps.

You will need:

  • Creative Husky acrylic paint pens
  • Your favourite colour of high flow acrylic paint (this behaves more like a stain on your wood so you still see the natural grain of the wood)
  • 1 x foam brush
  • 1 x plain treasure box (available from Kmart, Spotlight or any art supply store)

Step 1

The first stage is to stain your box. Remember to do inside the rim, back and sides. Leave to dry.

Step 2

Whilst your box is drying think about images you love or things you like to look at, and have a go at creating some practice illustrations of these on paper. Perhaps print out some images you can use as inspiration for your drawings.

Step 3

Start slowly drawing the initial foundation of your image before adding details. You can either draw the images onto the dried box in pencil first or go straight for the Creative Husky Paints Pens.

Step 4

Slowly build up the layers and details. Think about where you want to place the images, paying attention to how your images might look folded over edges, to create interesting perspectives.

It is important to allow your one work some drying time when using the paint pens as it can be easy to smudge the paint work. Go slowly and with intention. This is a great project for practising our patience skills.

Step 5

Finally, once your box is dried you are ready to use it... for jewellery, notes, treasures or whatever you want!

Enjoy your own unique little box of treasures! It also makes a fantastic personalised gift!


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