Tutorial: Abstract Art using Paint Pens

Abstract Art with Paint Pens

Abstract art uses shapes, colours, forms and lines to achieve a desired effect. Its a fantastically freeing technique for expressing your creativity.

In this post, Artist and Brand Ambassador, Daina McCauley explains her process for creating a beautiful layered abstract piece.

You will need:

  • A stretched canvas or heavy paper/cardboard (any size)
  • Acrylic Paints and brushes
  • Coloured paper or magazine pages cut into shapes
  • Medium or Extra Fine Tip Creative Husky Paint Pens

Layer 1

Select a colour palette. Keep it simple, choose about 2-3 colours to start with. Paint bold shapes and marks freely and without too much thought. Go with what feels good.

Abstract Art with Paint Pens

Layer 2

Once the first layer is dry, add interesting and contrasting shapes, form and colour in the form of cut outs, reused art, object magazine images,...really anything you can think of. Be unlimited with your imagination and resources. This begins to add dimension and a whole new look to your piece.

Abstract Art with Paint Pens

Layer 3

Once the first two layers are dry (very important the layers are dry so as not to damage the paint pens), start to use your Creative Husky Acrylic Paint Pens to draw, add shapes, images, marks and detail.

Abstract Art with Paint Pens

Creating abstract artworks from the heart is one of the art processes I use to unwind (just 45 minutes of any art practice puts us into relaxation mode), and to be free with my art. Sometimes in art, as so in life, we can set many boundaries on ourselves... and so it’s also important to indulge in art with less limits. This is the space in which new ideas can form.

I love to use collage and incorporate many mediums in my artwork. One of my all time favourite artists who uses and applies collage in the most incredible ways is Indigenous artist Tony Albert:

Tony Albert Website

Definitely check out his astonishing and absorbing work exploring culture and identity. He is a master of collage!

This year I’m running art journalling classes where will explore many art techniques and concepts based on incredible artists from around the world, whilst capturing our life, thoughts and feelings in a journal. Check the classes out here:

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Check out the time-lapse video of Daina's abstract layering here: