3 Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Kids this Easter

Easy Rock Painting for Easter

Rock Painting is a great family activity and something that's really fun to do at Easter.  However, sometimes the designs we see on the internet can be a little intimidating for beginners or kids. That’s why we’ve put together these 3 easy, yet awesome looking rock designs for you to try!

No art degree required, just some rocks, a packet of our paint pens and a little bit of creativity!

1. Basic Easter Egg Rocks

Easy Rock Painting for Easter

This design is super simple and fun. Easter egg designs work on all shapes and sizes of rocks. Smaller oval shaped rocks can represent the whole egg. Larger rocks can have an egg shape drawn on them. 

Any pattern is fair game for an Easter rock - lines, circles, zig zags, hearts, stars, flowers etc - or a combination of them all - and paint pens are your best friend when it comes easily drawing patterns!

Similarly, any colour combination is also fair game – so kids can pick their favourites and really let loose on their creative juices!

Easy Rock Painting for Easter

On larger rocks, outlines can be done first and coloured in afterwards.

2. Hatching Chicks 

Easy Rock Painting for Easter

Even the youngest of kids can manage this fun design.

Choose a paint pen colour for the shell, paint some zig-zag lines about 1/3 from the top and 1/3 from the bottom of the rock and get colouring!

Add some yellow to the centre third for the chick.

Next, add a couple of eyes and a beak!

Why not make a family of them. Use rocks of different sizes. The chicks don't have to be yellow - create your own Angry Birds family!

3. Easter Bunny Face

Easy Rock Painting for Easter

This is another really cute design that kids can manage without frustration.

You can outline in pencil first or you can go straight to the paint pens - it's a personal preference!

First, paint some big white eyes in the middle of your rock and a couple of white teeth further down.

Using a black paint pen, outline the round eyes and draw some circles for pupils in the middle. Next draw some bunny ears, a big round nose and outline the buck teeth.

Add some whiskers and some eyelashes.

Lastly, choose some colours for your ears and nose!  If you need to, you can go over the outline of the ears and nose after you've coloured them. 

Now you are done - a cute little Easter bunny!

What do you think - are these 3 rock painting designs easy enough for the whole family to do? If you'd like to try some of these, you can get our fine tip paint pens here.

You can check out how we made the large easter egg here: